Description Model No.
Rubber Palm Coated Gloves
Ergonomic design adds more comfort,
enables prolonged usage and avoids hand
fatigue. Natural rubber palm with wrinkled
finish ensures a secure grip for handling
slippery or abrasive objects. Natural
rubber inhibits liquid penetration. Available
in heavy duty versions.

- Building and construction
- Shipping and transportation
- Deep sea fishing
- Quarrying
- Gardening
- Glass handling

Model No – HP0005
Neochem Neoprene Gloves
Neoprene gloves provide protection against
a wide range of chemicals, including oils, acids,
caustics and solvents. These gloves are
chemically toughened to increase chemical
and abrasion resistance over ordinary
neoprene gloves. Designed with curved
fingers and contoured palm to enhance
flexibility and maximize comfort

- Handling oils, acids, caustics, alcohols
and solvents
- Petrochemicals
- Electronics
- Degreasing
- Refining

Model No – HP0006
Nitchem Nitrile Gloves
Latex-free 100% nitrile content offers an
outstanding combination of strength and
chemical resistance. Superior protection
against cuts, snags, abrasions and punctures.
Outperforms natural rubber, neoprene and
vinyl gloves when exposed to solvents,
caustics and animal facts. Curved shaped
hand provides a natural fit. Available in flock
lining that wicks sweat away from the skin and
allows for easy on / easy off. Component
materials comply with FDA Regulations for
food contact.

- Chemical processing
- Food processing
- Aerospace and automotive degreasing
- Oil refining and petrochemicals
- Chemical handling

Model No – HP0007
Kelvar® Palm Coated Latex Gloves
100% rubber coating with seamless liner to
enhance comfort and lessen hand fatigue,
Wrinkled finish, natural rubber palm ensures
safe and sure grip for handling slippery or
abrasive objects. Uncoated back design allows
gloves to breathe for more comfort.

- General maintenance work
- Automotive assembly
- Electronics
- Light assembly
- Manufacturing
- Handling of small parts

Model No – HP0008
Cleancare Cleanroom Class 100 Latex

- Cleancare gloves are designed with
extreme flexibility, dexterity and comfort
- Designed for products and contamination
controlled environment
- Meets or exceeds ASTM D3578-95 on water
leak and dimension

Model No – HP0001
Solvodex Super Light Nitrile Gloves
High quality NBR-coated safety glove.
Anatomical shape and highly flexible with
excellent dexterity exceptionally hard-
wearing, durable and highly resistant to
punctures, cuts and abrasions. Unique
textured finish for excellent wet and dry

- Light/medium metal processing
- Maintenance and servicing
- Painting and coating
- Inspection
- Automotive industries
- Component manufacturing

Model No – HP0002
Solvodex Super Light Nitrile Gloves
An extremely functional and hard wearing
NBR palm coated safety glove.
Ergonomically shaped for excellent fit,
highly flexible and provides outstanding
abrasion resistance and good cut
resistance. Excellent dry/wet grip. Cotton
lining wicks sweat from skin for added

- Light/medium metal processing
- Maintenance and servicing
- Inspection
- Automotive industries
- Applications requiring multipurpose
hand protection

Model No – HP0003
Solvotril Nitrile Gloves, Jersey Cotton
A robust NBR supported safety glove with
exceptional abrasion, cut and tear
resistance. Available with knit wrist
protection. Tough yet flexible, these
gloves are ideal for manual tasks
involving raw materials.

- Metal processing
- Machine construction
- Wood working
- Transport industry
- Building and construction

Model No – HP0004
Sperian Chainex 2000
The Chainex 2000 line features stainless
steel metal mesh gloves with a textile
strap with a press stud fastener. The
glove is reversible and can be used on
both hands. Recommended for food

Model No – HP0010
Sperian Chainextra Gloves
Chainextra combines safety, quality and
comfort. Reversible with adjustable
heavy duty straps and press stud

- A detachable and interchangeable
plastic straps, allowing a damaged strap
to be changed quickly
- Comes with buckle with press stud
- Secure fastening for added protection:
no side slit to allow a knife to allow a
knife to enter at wrist level
- An identification tag which can be
personalised by the user
- Recommended for food contact

Model No – HP0011
Sperian Electrosoft Latex Unsupported
Electrical Gloves

- Dielectric latex unsupported insulating
gloves are available from Class 00 to
Class 4, for working voltages from 500V
to 36,000V AC
- Gloves must be worn underneath
suitable leather overgloves to provide
mechanical protection.

Model No – HP0012
Sperian Electrosoft Overgloves
- Overgloves come in three different
types, for low voltage (LT), medium voltage
(MT), and high voltage (HT) to protect
Electrosoft insulating gloves against
mechanical risks
- Velcro fastening tabs allow the gloves
to be worn securely
- Water repellent, silicone-coated
calfskin grain leather glove
- Leather thickness: 0.8/1.1mm

Model No – HP0013